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MiM Malila Indian Gooseberry Herbal Soap

Sold by: 2S Butra Company Limited

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    • The cross-border goods you buy on Rubikhealhshop are equivalent to overseas purchases. The goods may not have Chinese labels. If necessary, you can check the Chinese translation of the relevant product labels through the product details page or contact customer service
    • According to relevant laws and policies, the cross-border products you purchase are for personal use only and cannot be resold.
    • The cross-border goods you purchase meet the requirements of the relevant quality, safety, sanitation, environmental protection, labeling and other standards or technical specifications of the place of origin, and may be different from the Chinese standards. The possible harm, loss or other risks arising therefrom will be subject to You bear it yourself.
    • The goods sold on Rubikhealthshop website are cross-border trade e-commerce imported goods, according to the Customs Law and relevant national policies, in accordance with the 2016 Document No. 26 of the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, as well as the General Administration of Customs, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation The "Notice on Cross-border E-commerce Retail Import Tax Policy" and other relevant documents require that goods purchased in the name of individuals should be based on the principle of "personal use and reasonable quantity", and the single transaction limit for cross-border e-commerce retail imports It is RMB 5,000, and the personal annual transaction limit is RMB 26,000. For cross-border e-commerce retail imported goods imported within the limit, the tariff rate is temporarily set to 0%; the import link value-added tax and consumption tax are cancelled and the tax exemption is temporarily levied at 70% of the statutory tax payable. A single transaction that exceeds the single limit, the individual's annual limit after accumulation, and a single indivisible commodity with a duty-paid value exceeding the limit of 5,000 yuan, are all taxed in full in accordance with the general trade method. For more information, please visit customs clearance and tax payment.
    • Individual consumers who purchase imported goods on this website should provide the recipient’s real name and ID number, and agree to entrust this e-commerce company or its logistics to the customs for customs declaration and tax payment on your behalf. Individual consumers must fill in the order information correctly, false information is prohibited, the purchase of goods must meet a reasonable quantity for personal use, and secondary sales are prohibited. If individual consumers purchase goods beyond the principle of personal use, they will be subject to inspection by law enforcement agencies. If the circumstances are serious, criminal responsibility will be investigated in accordance with the law.

Product quality introduction

    • Production standards: The products sold by Rubikhealthshop are all Thai brands, and the production standards are mostly based on Thailand. Therefore, judging the production standards should be based on the laws of the country where the manufacturer is located. The description, ingredients, precautions and other information of each product are described in detail on the product page. You can choose and buy freely according to your own knowledge and needs.
    • Commodity packaging: Most people have a misunderstanding. They generally think that the packaging of foreign products should be more exquisite and high enough. In fact, on the contrary, Thailand pays great attention to environmental protection. They do not pursue the gorgeous and complicated packaging, but emphasize the simple and practical packaging under the premise of ensuring the quality of the goods. In order to promote environmental protection awareness, the government will also set a certain proportion of the complexity and luxury of commodity packaging to limit the level of packaging. Excessive packaging that exceeds the requirements will be subject to heavy penalties, in order to force manufacturers to simplify packaging.
    • Effective date: All Rubikhealthshop products will be marked with expiration time or best use time on the page. If the product is about to expire within 30 days, Rubikhealthshop will usually remove it from the shelves and will not sell it again. In addition, sometimes due to cost or environmental considerations, the expiry date on the product may be affected by the ink, temperature, label or bottle material, and sometimes it may be easier to wipe off. These are normal phenomena, such as no ink in the ink. Add strong solvents and adhesives. If you have any questions about this situation, please contact our customer service or manufacturer for consultation.

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