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Starry Freeze-dried Fruit Rambutan 30g

Sold by: Ace Star International Trading Co., Ltd.

5 x ฿1,945.00

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Return Policy

Delayed or lost

If you encounter a lost package, you can choose to refund it in full or resend it, but it does not include seizure or destruction caused by customs inspection.

Damaged or out of stock

If you encounter a damaged package or a shortage of goods, please be sure to sign for it (not signing for a claim is troublesome), the following is the specific claim process.

Package or product error

If you have received the wrong package or the wrong product in the package, the following is the specific process.


For orders in China, Rubikhealthshop has the following return policies to choose from.


Rubikhealthshop has three refund methods: credit card, Alipay and WeChat, and the operation cycle of each refund method is different.

The process for package loss:

  1. The carrier determines that it is lost: In the process of tracking/following up the package, if the package is determined to be lost by the carrier, you can file a claim at any time. Please email to [email protected], provide the corresponding order number and explain the situation, we will confirm the full compensation with the transportation company.
  2. After the package is delivered from the warehouse or entered the domestic section, the package is delayed (more than 1 month); or there is no package tracking logistics information, it can be assumed that the loss is filed. Please email to [email protected], provide the corresponding order number and explain the situation, we will ask the transportation company to confirm the relevant details, and arrange compensation for the customer within 2 weeks as much as possible.


    1. Please feel free to contact the shipping company and confirm the latest development of the package before determining/assuming loss. SF Express China Express customer service hotline: 95338 Or you can check the logistics progress on the SF official website.
    2. We respect all decisions made by the customs on the package. Rubikhealthshop does not provide compensation for the return, confiscation, destruction, or delay (including but not limited to these) caused by the customs. Before shopping, it is recommended to contact the transportation company or local customs to confirm that the purchased items are not prohibited and can be cleared smoothly.

Regarding package damage or lack of goods, please follow the instructions below:

If the package you received is damaged or out of stock, please do not refuse to accept it. Because of the rejected package, the transportation company cannot return it to our Thai warehouse, but returns it to the delivery point or distribution center. After they receive the package, they will organize the package and continue to deliver it to the customer, so please sign for it, and then settle the claim according to the damage Policy to make claims.

If the package is damaged or has a shortage of goods, please sign for it and email the relevant information and photos to [email protected] to apply for after-sales claims. When making a claim, please provide:

    1. Rubikhealthshop order number;
    2. Confirm the name and quantity of the product in question;
    3. Please provide 1-2 photos of the problematic product and the outer packaging, and 1 photo of the problematic product and the handwritten order number (please write your order number on a blank paper and take a photo together with the product, and reflect the location of the product problem), And send with the letter in the form of mail picture attachment. [If it is a small quantity, please provide a photo of all the goods in the package and the handwritten order number (please write your order number and the product together on a blank sheet of paper)]

After receiving and verifying the above information provided by you, our customer service staff will arrange the corresponding treatment for you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or comments, please email to [email protected] to contact our customer service representative.

If you receive the wrong package, or the wrong product in the package

Please sign for it and don’t refuse it.

After signing the receipt, please contact us in time and send an email to our customer service mailbox [email protected], please provide:

      1. 1-2 photos of all the goods in the package and the handwritten order (you can use a small note to write the order number and take a photo of the product together with the handwritten order)
      2. Outer packaging, take 1-2 photos at the waybill

We can’t help you re-ship some of the products sent wrongly, and our customer service staff will refund the wrong products.

If the goods in the entire package are sent incorrectly, we can apply to help you re-ship the package.

Wrong package/product:

You don’t need to contact the carrier to return it, the customer service will contact the carrier to pick up the wrong package or product (you don’t need to pay any extra freight for this process), the carrier will notify the customer service after recycling the goods, and then the customer service will help You complete the corresponding claim (please keep the wrong product properly, otherwise it may affect the claim).

If you have any questions, please email to [email protected].

Rubikhealthshop reserves all rights for the above services.

Due to the complexity of the international package return process, the currently cooperating Chinese transporter does not provide the original return service, but returns to the terminal to wait for re-delivery or destruction. Please also pay attention to the package if the package is not picked up due to rejection. If it is destroyed, you may not be able to get a claim. Therefore, we suggest that in any case, please sign for the package first and then apply according to our claims process.

After we receive the returned package, the package needs to be checked by the transportation department.

After passing the verification, we will return the actual payment amount of the product minus all discounts to your account.

The above policy Rubikhealthshop reserves all rights of interpretation.

We have implemented most of the payment methods. The Chinese version of the payment function supports WeChat Pay, Alipay, UnionPay credit card and other payment methods.

During the shopping process, if a refund is involved, our process is as follows;

Cash refund:

If the order does not exceed 24 hours, the payment will be returned on the same day, If the order exceeds 24 hours, the money will be returned to the payment account or bank card in the same way within a few working days. Generally, it takes about7-45 working days for the refund to arrive. However, due to international transactions, the processing time of the payment depends on Please wait patiently for the processing speed of the third-party payment platform/bank.