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CORDYTHAI Cordyceps with Black Ginger 60 capsules (for him)

Vendor: Cordy Biotech

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  • High purity of active ingredients Adenosine (minimum 0.15%) and Cordycepin (minimum 0.43%). Verified by laboratory HPLC equipment.
  • Vegan Product
  • Cruelty-free
  • Titanium dioxide

SKU: cordy-him-01

Categories: Essential Vitamins

Recommend Dosage: Take 2 to 3 capsules a day before bedtime.

This innovative patented technology is a partnership between Cordy Biotech Company and Kasetsart University, a well-respected university in Agricultural, Science and Argo-industry fields in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Cordyceps is a kind of herb that people often use to help maintain good health. It has a long history of being eaten by humans. According to more than 40 studies around the world, cordycepin is the only active ingredient and the main substance for promoting medicinal use.

To obtain stable and highly active ingredients, Professor Monchan Maketon used the crossed culture of high cordycepin-yielding and fast-growing real Tibetan Cordyceps and grown in a patented formula to obtain high-grade high-quality Cordyceps with a guaranteed amount of cordycepin.

Thai Cordyceps has passed DNA testing, and the matching rate with natural Tibetan Cordyceps has reached 99%. The DNA culture was extracted from Kasetsart University, and sequenced by MACROGEN, Korea.


Research & Production Process: 

Cordythai uses artificially cultivated Tibetan Cordyceps and is cultivated in a sterile room controlled at 18 degrees Celsius with a patented formula.

The quality of the active ingredients can be appropriately controlled and it is not polluted by heavy metals. Every bottle is double quality control

in food safety using Kasetsart University Laboratory and ALS Laboratory for guaranteed non-heavy metals and non-microbial contaminations.


  • Patented Horizontal Biofermenter enable growing conditions equivalent to natural cordyceps
  • Ensure that the cordycepin content of each tube of Cordyceps is high and stable
  • The heavy metal content is strictly controlled, and the arsenic content will never exceed the standard content
  • Does not contain microorganisms with pollution sources to ensure the safety of the human body
  • Strictly reviewed and filed by the Thai Food and Drug Administration


Brand Coydythai
Item Form Vegetable Capsules
Ingredients Cordyceps sinensis extract 350 mg, Beta Glucan from yeast 10 mg, Black ginger extract 10 mg, L-arginine 30 mg
Unit Count 60 Capsules
Item Weight 29.76 g

Cordy Biotech


We believe in improving and maintaining good health for everyone by drawing from nature’s highest quality resources like herbs, mushrooms, minerals, amino acids and much more.

Located at the Kasetsart University (ม. เกษตร), Research and Development Building, CordyBiotech Co., Ltd. is a leading biotechnology company specializing in cell cultures, herbal extracts, alternative health products and healthcare supplements.

We take pride in all of our products. CORDYTHAI, CENTRO, and PABLO were formulated with care for loved ones. The main ingredients in each product come from an innovative technology (patented) from CordyBiotech Co., Ltd. and the Kasetsart University, a well-respected university in Agricultural, Science and Argo-industry fields in Thailand.


Professor Dr. Monchan Maketon

Quality is our primary goal, so we utilize several laboratories and clean-rooms for research and development, cell culture production, extraction as well as for quality control and certificate of analysis tests.



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